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I filmed this video and it came out a few months ago but some how I forgot to post about it on this site. I really love this song. It’s catchy and I find myself humming it randomly throughout the day.

DPIH described this song as “a constant longing for acceptance and understanding and failure to achieve this with others oftentimes results into seeking refuge in vices. And for someone like me, these vices may be the only form of therapy attainable. My only wish is that for others, they may find fulfillment within themselves, rather than get lost in the rabbit hole with me. “Therapy” is a cautionary tale, a fitting introduction to my next couple songs.”

I really loved working on this shoot with the director, Eugene H. Lee and DPIH. The sets were really fun and matched the feeling and theme of the song very well. My favorite shots are the scenes we did in the black studio with the lights. It added a dark edge to theme of someone dealing with vices.

(Directed by @eugenehl) (starring @thecandace01 @daisijo @katerina.melnikova.official) (music, production, and lyrics by me) (piano arrangement consult @helloemz)

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