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MaxiGlide Commercial

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Hey Guys!

I finally got a copy of my MaxiGlide commercials that ran on social media during the holiday season! If you’re ever thinking about buying a MaxiGlide, please watch my video first!

I’m not big on straightening my hair outside of work because it’s time consuming (60 minutes at least). I’d rather spend my free time not grooming myself since I spend so much time grooming as part of my job as a model. It cut down my hair straightening time by 20 minutes. 40 minutes may not seem like a lot but when you consider the length and sheer amount of hair on my head, well then I think you can understand how I feel about saving 20 minutes.

It took me a few tries to get the hang of it ( I had some help from the production team) but I only had to pass over each section once. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine that there was a hair straightener that worked and could cut down on the time it takes to straigthen my hair. What’s unique about the MaxiGlide are the combs in the plate and the steam feature.

The Maxiglide gave me a blowout look without having to do multiple pass overs AND I didn’t have to brush out every section before I ran the flatiron over it. I also really appreciate the steam feature. I think this is game changing for super dry hair.

Even with all of the products I encounter through modeling, I’m still really impressed when I discover something new!

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