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My Product Model Sucess Guide: PHOTOS Is Here!

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My Product Model Sucess Guide: PHOTOS

After what feels like forever and a day, my first published book has finally launched. It’s been something that I’ve thought about time and time again but never got around to but after calling myself out on not doing the projects that I want to do and honestly keep writing down on my annual/semi-annual bucket list, I finally had to put my fingers to the keyboard and get things moving. I’m so proud that I did.

Many of you are likely familiar with my companion business, where my team and I have produced thousands of photos for e-commerce brands, all over the world. I started as a resource for all of the independent sellers that were asking me to model for them or help them with their photoshoots.

Although it’s really a B2B ebook, I think it’s pretty relevant to almost everyone that is trying to sell something online. It is a quick read for e-commerce entrepreneurs burdened with how to achieve high quality e-commerce images for their Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon stores and social media sales channels, with My Product Model Success Guide: PHOTOS you get to understand the process of creating good e-commerce photos. Some of the topics I cover include how to:

  • Distinguish between a Good Photo and a Bad Photo by deconstruct the elements that makeup a good photo that sells.

  • Understand the different photo styles and how and when to use them.
  • Learn the do’s and don’t of creating photos for various platforms, so you can choose the one that matches your goals.
  • Get the inside scope into producing a successful photoshoot including shooting on locations, hiring models and using the right equipment.

I sincerely hope that people find this ebook helpful in their efforts to build and grow their online businesses. This type of straight forward ebook is what I would’ve wanted had I not spent my entire career showing clothing on camera. My Product Model Success Guide: PHOTOS is only $1.99 on Amazon or Apple Books. Just download and breeze right through it. If you have feedback, suggestions or would like to contribute in any way then please reach use the Contact Us page here. Thank you so very much for your support, it’s always appreciated!

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