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Skingasm Liquid Blading Instagram & Facebook Campaign

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Liquid blading lip stain

Over the summer I shot a UGC campaign for Skingasm Liquid Blading from my home studio. When I shot this it was still early in the quarantine in Los Angeles and people were still trying to figure out how to adjust to living under these restrictions. As you can probably imagine, lots of women and some men where trying to figure out how to wear makeup under their masks without completely ruining their look. Several brands and new makeup products emerged offering mask-proof makeup. One of them being Skingasm, a liquid blading peel & reveal lip color. Skingasm didn't start during the quarantine. They originally launched in 2019 but they have new appeal due to the demand for a solution by those who want to wear lip color under their masks.

You're probably wondering what in the liquid blading so let me explain: liquid blading is basically a new way to "hyper-stain" your lips. It's basically a long lasting lip stain. it works by applying a lip color that is thick like a mask. Then you spray a mist (kind of like a setting spray) on top. Wait a few second and then you peel off the mask, leaving behind a long lasting, transfer-free, smudge-free, bleed-free, water resistant lip stain!

liquid blading lip stain skingasm

For the video, I worked with the Mute Six agency and they created a shot list of all the angels, close-ups and one liners they needed for the video. Since I was shooting in my home, I selected a location in my bedroom where it would look realistic for applying makeup but also has a nice aesthetic. The hardest part about shooting the video was getting that perfect "peel & reveal" shot - the money shot! I was SO happy when I did it!

Liquid blading lip stain

Fortunately, I didn't have to do any of the editing on this project so I was able to just hand over all of the footage to my point person at the agency but you can check out the final edit below and on my Instagram!

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