1. How to Be a Model and Train as a Stuntwoman: Insider Tips from the Pros

    2022-05-14 19:19:00 UTC
    If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen me doing stunt training on a wire and doing stunt choreography. I started training in stunts several years ago beginning with martial arts and weapons. You may have seen me in action during some films and photoshoots. I recently decided…

  2. How Marathon Training is Boosting My Creativity and Productivity as a Model

    2022-03-19 19:19:00 UTC
    I completed my first marathon at the Los Angeles Marathon in 2022. I’ve been a long-time runner and have run in many races, including a dozen or so 5k’s and several 10k’s, but this year I accomplished 2 running goals. I finished the Pasadena Half Marathon and then the LA…

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