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California Bridal Shoot

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California Bridal Etsy Bridal Model

First thing I'm going to tell you is that being a bridal model during Covid is HARD!

Being a bridal model in general is not easy but with social distancing and in many cases, like my recent shoot for California Bridal; I produced the shoot in-house which meant I'm doing most of the work myself via my company,

How does this work you ask? In short, "Influencer" style with a DSLR and a remote. All the the fixings of planning a shoot, styling, hair and makeup still function like a photoshoot with a full team. I worked with the Founders at California Bridal to come up with a moodboard and an aesthetic for their bridal accessories and then I go busy pulling bridal inspired dresses, curating the right makeup products that would give off a "blushing bride" look - sultry, sophisticated but not overly made up! I pulled dresses from my friends shop in Little Tokyo, Leola Lace. Having friends with shops like this is crucial when you need things at a moments notice.

Fortunately, I have access to a beautiful location with lots of greenery, trees, and an open air environment to support the beautiful workmanship that went into the bridal accessories.

California Bridal creates handcrafted bridal accessories inspired by vintage styles. You can fine them on Etsy and Instagram.

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