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Glam Sleep Silk Face Masks and Pillow Cases

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100% double layered mulberry silk face masks

Silk is experiencing a comeback with the search for softer mask textiles and the quest for better fabrics for the health of your skin and hair. I recently starred in Glam Sleep's launch campaign of mulberry silk face masks and luxury pillow cases. I also had the amazing opportunity to also direct this campaign with My Product Model!

Glam Sleep's mission is to create the highest quality silk accessories for people who want to get better skin, better hair and better sleep. Each Glam Sleep product is made with the finest 100% 22 momme 6A mulberry silk. Silk acts as a natural temperature regulator, does not attract dust mites, is a natural fungal repellant and the best part is silk does not dry out your skin and hair.

mulberry silk double layered face masks

Mask modeling is all about working with the eyes sense there's not much of the rest of the face to see but you still have to model with your WHOLE face! You still have to use your face muscle in order to express through your eyes. Another thing that's really important when modeling face masks is everything else that's happening in the photo. It becomes even more important because it become even more in focus. So wardrobe styling really matters, makeup really matters - especially eye makeup. False eyelashes are important for enhancing the eyes so that they don't get lost from the overpowering of having a big piece of fabric covering half of your face! I'll give some lessons on modeling with face masks over at Starter Model Guide soon! For now, I'll share with you what everyone has been dying to know!

Many people have asked about the styling of my shoot for this campaign. For the mask shoot, the glam dress is also made of silk from Leola Lace, a boutique in Little Tokyo. The cape is from a previous collection from Kerisma and the shoes are Zara from a few years ago. The casual look is from this years line of Love Tree knits ( classic), the jeans are from H&M and the boots are from JustFab. For the Glam Ultimate Gift Set shoot, the pajama set is from Target! Hair, makeup photography and set styling was done by my My Product Model team!

Mulberry silk face masks
100% Mulberry Silk face masks by Glam Sleep
100% Mulberry Silk pillow cases by Glam Sleep

I really love working with Glam Sleep! They make such high quality products and since working with them it's really changed my perspective of using silk pillow cases and sleep masks. Since using my Glam Sleep pillow, I've noticed in improvement in the moisture retention of my hair. I'm also not rubbing my eyes as much thanks to the softness of the eye mask. I'm now inspired to do a series on using silk for beauty purposes over at Daisi Jo Reviews so stay tuned!

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