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Ivido Push Up Jeans campaign

When I was a teen I was a fit model for Levi's. One of the things I learned is how important inseams are to how your jeans fit. So many women find it hard to find jeans that fit well around their hips and butt.

To be honest, I always get fitting anxiety when I have to go to a fitting for a new brand. When I tried on Ivido at first I was like OMG, I'm going to need a bigger size and then they're not going to like how I look in these jeans and I won't get the booking. That did not happen! These jeans fit like a glove but they are comfortable and really easy to move around in .

Ivido Jeans hug and lift the butt. Ivido Jeans was founded on the momentum women demanding clothes that fit their bodies, not women trying to fit their bodies into clothes that weren't made for how their bodies are shaped and move.

I'm looking forward to working with Ivido Jeans more in the future!

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