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James-Paul Ancheta Show

Maker Faire DTLA in collaboration with the Los Angeles Public Library

· Fashion Shows,Runway Model

This past Saturday I walked in the James Paul Ancheta Show that was featured during the Los Angeles Maker Faire. This project has been a few weeks in the making. I met James when he put out a casting call for runway models and we immediately bonded over our love of fashion and pageants.

James Paul Ancheta is the Conceptual Designer Lecturer at L.A. Public Library. He is also a former designer for Vivienne Westwood. The theme of the show was “Conceptual” designs made of renewable materials. The other designer featured in the show included @diepreops who’s designs were themed around “Tyranny”. The collective concepts are based on current issues around social unrest, politics, and climate change. In other words, if everything goes to shit, can you still look elegant?

I walked in a piece from both designers. @diepreops design is more in line with what one may think you’d where in a dystopian future in which one still wants/needs to stand out, have self expression but also stay warm, covered and protected. James’ designers feel like the future of the minimalism aesthetic for rich. The colors are muted but not harsh and the lines are clean.

I think one takeaway from being a part of an experience like this is considering that people will still desire to be selective about what they wear and how they look. People will still spend money of things that provide them self expression in the darkest of time. Fashion may be more muted and subtle. People may not be flashing their wealth in the forms of designer handbags and accessories but they will be spending money to not look too rich!

Here’s a video interview that James and I did with the Los Angeles Public Library. Below are some photos and gifs from the showcase.

Daisi Jo in designer,  James Paul Ancheta
Daisi Jo in designer,  James Paul Ancheta
Daisi Jo in designer,  James Paul Ancheta  and DiePreOps
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