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Opulence MD Beauty Magnetic Lashes

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Magnetic lashes by opulence md beauty

Magnetic lashes are everywhere and competition is tough. For Black Friday/Cyber Monday I was featured in the Opulence MD Beauty Lash Life Campaign promoting their new holiday gift set! Due to the quarantine and social distancing I'm producing a lot of my own campaigns this year. I produced this video with my company and team at My Product Model.

Opulence MD Beauty provides products that combine luxury and glamour with safety and quality. The entire line is curated by Dr. Anika Goodwin, someone who knows and understands the needs of your eyes better than most - because as an Ophthalmologist she has devoted the last 17 years of her life caring for them. OpulenceMD Beauty lashes are made from the finest cruelty free mink available to create a lash extension that is noticeably lighter.

Lash Modeling

Being a lash model requires a few things. First it requires having a great eye shape and second it requires the ability to have mastered the art of expressing and emoting through your eyes. It's easy to look a model and take in her whole face but not really pay attention to what product is being marketed. With lash modeling, you need to be able to draw the eye of the viewer from your mouth up towards eyes. When you look at a photo, your eyes typically go directly to the subjects mouth. So expressing the eyes so that it is the focus of the image or video is important.

In addition, knowing how to pose with lashes is just as important as having a good eye shape. For example, there's a lot of ways to "look down". You can bring your whole head down so that you chin touches your chest. You can tilt your neck down midway. You can just move your eyes down to look at the ground, and so forth and so on. There's a lot of head movements to which one can look down but an good lash model is going to find the precise position that is not only flattering to the lash product she is modeling but also to the rest of her face. Afterall, the point of selling lashes is to enhance your whole face, not just to make your eyeslashes look longer. So being a lash model is more complex than just slapping on some fake lashes and taking a photo. It's an art and a skill at the same time.

Doing videos for Facebook ads

The skill of a model has always been more than just posing and being pretty but now it's taken on a much more diverse skill set. The more you can do as a model, the more opportunities will come about. I mentioned in an earlier post how I shot all my parts for the Skingasm campaign and how I produce content for brands through My Product Model. Well, one very important skill that is emerging and accelerating is the ability to film yourself and cut it into a Facebook or Instagram video. I'll talk more about this over at the Starter Model Guide but that's precisely what I did for Opulence MD Beauty!

Working with DTC brands

I love working with DTC (Direct to Consumer) brands. I've always liked modeling with smaller brands versus the big brands that hire production teams through advertising agencies and then the advertising agencies hire the models through modeling agencies. Working with DTC brands is closer to the source. It's more authentic. It's less political. I believe working with DTC brands is only going to become more and more common in the future for many reasons.

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