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Why I Password Protected My Art Modeling Website

I used to have a separate Art Modeling website a few years ago when it was “faux pas” to associate art modeling with regular modeling but last year I decided to combine my art modeling work into my fashion and commercial print website because A.) it made it easier and more manageable and B.) because if someone is Googling you, it really doesn’t matter if you have separate sites because they will find both of them. So there’s no sense in hiding - especially if you’re going under the same identity. Even in cases where you use a “stage name”, it’s likely eventually they will get crossed on social media and/or Google. I’ve found several models and actresses who’ve tried to hide that they’ve posed nude (even the most artist/modest nudes) by using an alias. It really only works for a short period of time.

Honestly, I’ve never been shy or ashamed of posing nude but I kept the sites separate mainly for the modesty of other people - how generous, right? However, with the social “awakening” of art and the female form being illustrated in various mediums, I decided it was time to merge both art modeling, fashion and commercial modeling under one portfolio and people in general, would be less sensitive. Which so far has been the case.

In the beginning, my art modeling page was not password protected. It flowed along with the rest of my portfolio from one section to the next. A few months back I did a really big art project that garnered a lot of attention and it was really beneficial for traffic to my site to be able to see my other work. So why am I now password protecting my art modeling page? In the last few weeks I’ve gotten several solicitations from adult content creators aka photographers, videographers and so forth who have either genuinely solicited me for work and accepted by decline with grace or have attempted to bully me or intimidate me into working with them. No Bueno! I’ve also gotten a lot of random solicitation and spam email that I didn’t get before, which is negligible. Nonetheless, I came to the conclusion that adding the password protection feature to my art modeling page would save me a headache and a distraction.

If you’re a client who is interested in booking me for an art project, please email for access.

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